Plates on Plates Fitness offers a comprehensive, maintainable approach to health and fitness that you won’t find anywhere else in Austin. We provide you with effective, high-intensity workouts along with nutritional education and cooking tips from coaches who will motivate and support you.

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Our approach to fitness and nutrition is fun, easy to maintain, and won’t leave you hungry.

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Our efficient, 45-minute work outs help you make the most out of your gym time.

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Skip the fad diets. We’ll help you find balance with a maintainable approach to food.

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Mackenzie Roberson Co-Founder & Lead Chef Morning Coach
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Mackenzie knows what it’s like to be overweight and uncomfortable in your own skin from first-hand experience. She spent most of her life trying fad diets, trendy exercise routines, dangerous diet pills as prescribed by a local bariatric clinic, and even surgical weight loss. No matter what method she tried, nothing gave her the results she craved.

In late 2012, at over 220 pounds, Mackenzie met Kristina and started doing HIIT workouts. Soon after, she began focusing on her eating habits and started coming up with healthy recipes that didn’t skimp on flavor. In less than a year, Mackenzie lost 60 pounds and dropped 25% body fat. Mackenzie understands the importance of flavor, balance, and creativity in food. She loves to spend her free time breaking the rules in the kitchen and cleaning up the staple “unhealthy” foods that are off-limits in the typical diet.

Chad Richardson Evening Trainer & Marketing Manager

Sarah Kosan Trainer

Kim Buck Trainer
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Kim grew up participating in typical children’s sports programs, in school and in the community, and continued to “play” through the completion of her undergraduate degree. Her activity level decreased somewhat once she hit adulthood but she was able to maintain the appearance of physical fitness. It wasn’t until after she moved to the Austin area in 2005 and took on a more sedentary day job that a subtle change began, eventually resulting in 65 additional pounds to her frame since graduating from college. The physical and emotional discomfort came to a head during the summer of 2013, and by August, Kim knew the pounds had to go.

Kim met Kristina on a Saturday morning for her first, and eventually life-changing, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. Within three months, she was down 35 pounds. New nutritional habits, combined with HIIT workouts three to five times a week for the next two-plus years have kept that weight off. She is living proof of the effectiveness of HIIT and balanced eating for fat loss and increased overall fitness and strength, and enjoys challenging herself in physically demanding activities because “I can.” Kim is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Personal Fitness Training Association (PFTA Personal Training School). She holds certifications in Sports Nutrition (PFTA), Kettlebell Training (CardioPump™), and CPR (American Red Cross).