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Ashley W.

MARCH 2020

What got you started with Plates on Plates Fitness?

I’ve cycled through different fitness regimens and goals throughout the past decade or so, always trying to find the right fit for me at any given point in my life. At times, I’ve been solely a runner; at others, mainly focusing on lifting. Right now, I love the balance of increasing strength and kick-butt cardio we get at Plates!

What motivates you?

Staying fit to outrun the impending zombie apocalypse! Partially kidding here, but also not. My main motivation is that God gave me a strong, able body and mind that I want to use to their fullest extent!

What changes have you seen in yourself since starting?

I’ve been able to tackle new physical challenges that I hadn’t previously attempted or really thought that I could do. On the more mental/emotional side of things, I always thought that I hated working out with people.


I ALWAYS worked out by myself and considered it “me” time. Since starting at Plates and making friends with the folks that I see on a regular basis, it’s opened me up to a whole new kind of “me” time that involves a supportive community, early morning sarcasm, and lots of laughs.

What's your biggest tip or piece of advice for a Plates on Plates newbie? 

Set some personal goals and celebrate along the way! Pay attention to the little bits of progress you make over time.You may have a goal to be able to do numerous consecutive pull-ups, but take a moment to celebrate when you’re able to use a lighter band, or almost get over the bar on your own.

Also, make some friends! Workouts are so much more fun when you can look over at your friend and shake your booty to a good song mid-burpee or synchronize your skaters like an 80’s workout video.


Mon-Fri: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes - Must Reserve Class to Attend

Sat: 9am FREE Community Workout - Currently Cancelled until Further Notice

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