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Kiva N.


What got you started with Plates on Plates Fitness?

Before I joined Plates on Plates I was taking barre workout classes for about a year and I loved it, but I was looking for something to challenge my body in a different way. Groupon led me to PoP. At first I was intimidated because everyone seemed to know exactly what to do, it was like watching synchronized swimming, and the format of the class was completely different from what I was used too but the coaching staff immediately made me feel welcomed and informed. There really is a feeling of comfort that develops amongst the group, because even though we are all working out at different levels, we all seem to have the same level of determination and dedication. When the pandemic hit, PoP did not skip a beat or a class and we went to virtual workouts. That has to say something about the passion our coaches have to see their ‘FitFam’ stay healthy, focused, and accountable.

What motivates you?

My past is my motivation because I never want to go back to who I was or how I felt about myself physically and mentally. Today, tomorrow, and the rest of my tomorrows I want to be selfish. I want to put the time and effort into my health so that twenty years from now I can still bench and squat over 100lbs. My parents are not healthy, my grandparents had health issues, and I am determined to break the cycle. When I just don’t have it in me to come to class or if I am having an ‘off’ day...I just ask myself, “do you want to go back? No? Then keep going....” 

What changes have you seen in yourself since starting?

When I first joined PoP I was terrified of doing box jumps. I would stare at that huge obstacle in front of me and just say “Nope. Not happening.” In classes, we are provided modified versions of workouts and I always executed the modifications. Over and over. Until one day I just jumped. Landed on that box. And I felt tall. And thrilled. And powerful. It sounds so small, but to me it was a huge accomplishment. And then I jumped again. And again. And then smashed the last fitness assessment with 4 rounds of box jumps. What changed? I believe in me now. I can look in the mirror and smile because I am making changes that no one else could have done for me. I cannot tell you what it feels like to go to class right now and walk away knowing I am powerful. I am strong. And it took me a while to get there, but PoP provided the environment I needed to simply….jump.

What's your biggest tip or piece of advice for a Plates on Plates newbie? 

Show up even when you don’t want too. Yes, you are going to want to stop. To give up when your body responds with aches and pains because you are not used to working them in that manner. You are going to want to settle for “where you are”, or even something easier, and that’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with accepting where you are…but there was a reason why you started in the first place. Maybe you wanted to be stronger, leaner, thinner, faster, healthier overall. Whatever your reason, you owe it to yourself to show up. It will never get easier, but you will get stronger.


Mon-Fri: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes

We are OPEN and accepting new members!        Class size is limited to 12 members.

Sat: 9am FREE Community Workout - Currently Cancelled until Further Notice

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