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Shelly G.

February 2020

What got you started with Plates on Plates Fitness?

I was a Grouponer when I started years & years ago and thought to myself “I’m only going to do this for 6 weeks! I just need a push to get started & then I can do it myself @ home. They better not try to sell me a membership!!”


Boy oh boy did I have the wrong attitude!! AND PoP proved me SO wrong, I did need them...I’ve grown so much in the way I conquer these workouts, giving 100%, pushing my limits to get to that next level, that one extra push-up, those 5 extra burpees etc. The coaches push me to my limits with more weight & capabilities I didn’t know I had. 

What motivates you?

I love the group atmosphere ❤️ My fit fam keeps me motivated to come everyday and to hold myself accountable. I’ve made some great lasting relationships here.

What changes have you seen in yourself since starting?

I turn 50 in April & look back @ 30 year old me. I’m the same weight & size but in much better shape now than 20 years ago. The muscle & definition I have is all due to PoP and the persistence to meet my fit goals and staying healthy.

Exercise is only part of the result, good nutrition and a healthy, stable diet will get you there. 

Be diligent and keep coming to the gym and you’ll be happy with your results.

Winning the last fat loss challenge blew my mind. I didn’t think I did well @ all even though I busted my butt. I cried huge crocodile tears...I was SO proud of myself. I well surpassed the goal I had made and achieved a new found respect for myself because I knew how hard I had worked.  


With this new fat loss challenge comes more goals. Harder goals I’ve instilled upon myself and I’m starting the year and this challenge with an injury, a tear and fracture to my thumb. This is just making me push myself even harder. 

What's your biggest tip or piece of advice for a Plates on Plates newbie? 

Set your goals just slightly out of reach to push yourself to get there. Making them outrageous and so far beyond your limits will just discourage you to quit. Once you’ve met those goals, then raise them to even newer heights. 


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