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Haley A.

JUNE 2020

What got you started with Plates on Plates Fitness?

I started at Plates on Plates in January of 2017. My sister Molly had been nagging me for months about getting off the couch and getting some exercise in. I had just recently graduated college, moved to Texas, went through a break up, and gained well over 25lbs. I joined with a Groupon and fully expected to quit the second the Groupon ended. I was shocked when I showed up and quickly grew to love it. I always felt welcome and was never embarrassed about how out of shape I was or how much lighter I was lifting than some of the veterans.

What motivates you?

My motivation is to try to get better each and every day, and to never go back to where I was before I started Plates on Plates. All of the coaches are also incredibly motivational and always hold me accountable. Working with Korynn on my nutrition has also been such a motivation to work harder to see better results!

What changes have you seen in yourself since starting?

The changes I’ve seen in myself since starting Plates on Plates are endless. I used to roll my eyes at people that would say “I love to work out.” I always assumed they were lying, and no one could possibly enjoy it. I now can proudly say that I am one of those people. It has become such a part of my routine and when my routine gets interrupted I can’t wait to get back into the gym. It has definitely made me a much more confident person inside as well as outside of the gym. The physical changes have also been amazing.  It took me going through this process to really learn that working out is only 20% of weight loss. That is why I’ve been working really hard with Korynn to try and get my diet to be more nutritious. I want to work on this partially for weight loss, but mostly to better fuel my body so that I can lift more and become a better athlete overall!

What's your biggest tip or piece of advice for a Plates on Plates newbie? 

My biggest piece of advice for a Plates on Plates newbie would just be to keep showing up! In the beginning it can be so hard to get the motivation and walk through those doors, but if you just keep showing up it gets so much easier! My second piece of advice would be to trust the coaches. If they say you can lift heavier, believe them, and you’ll be shocked by what you can do!


Mon-Fri: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes - We are OPEN and accepting new members! Class size is limited to 12 members.


Sat: 9am FREE Community Workout - Currently Cancelled until Further Notice

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